A Letter From Winston:

Dear Admirers,

My photography staff has been irksomely distracted of late.

New Deck Photobomber-1
I suppose I shouldn’t complain too strenuously as they seem to have finally clued in to the disgraceful lack of proper guarding posts from which to keep tabs on the neighboring riff raff. But what with the obsessing over engineering drawings, hand-digging trenches for the roadbed gravel to support the stone underdecking, dry stacking 90-pound Allan blocks, and so on, they have simply let my modeling career slip sideways.

Sometimes I think this world is going straight to the people.

Well, I’m a forgive-and-forget kind of poodle, and they seem to be back in the  saddle, so let’s just say no more. I’m anxious to return to the craft.

New Deck Photobomber-2
And I do love my job.

One of the best parts of a shoot is the thrill of seeing that camera come out. Man, the adrenaline just flows!

It’s SO exciting to have to make those snap calls on how to set myself up for maximum lens interception to ensure a flattering result. For me, even small details that others might overlook, such as how to accessorize to set the mood, bring joy to my journey.

New Deck Photobomber-3
For instance, take this dazzling yet relentless execution of perfect right angles, re-angles,  di-angles, and so.

One glance, and my inner knowing spoke to me: the scene just screamed for a rancid, broken-down, mud-infused tennis ball to soften the emotional focus.

New Deck Photobomber-4
Sometimes, all that’s called for is a subtle touch. In fact, some of my best work has been done by mere shadows and the dust of my footprints in the snow.

(If you’re interested, there’s more of my portfolio here, here, here, here, and here. Riveting stuff, really, even if I did let them ghostwrite a few.)

No matter the motif, the thing is to Stay. With. The. Task.

New Deck Photobomber-5
I believe that more Model Artists fail to get that critical last 10% by giving up on the potential of a shot, one shot too soon.

You just can never tell when the money shot will magically appear.

New Deck Photobomber-6
Take the above, for instance. What if I had said, “No… no… I’m simply too exhausted to continue.”?! The world would have been denied the perfect intersection of grand luck and great execution.

No, my friends, do not give up before the Muse picks up her Kong and goes home.

However, there’s no denying it: super modeling is not only very physically demanding, it’s also intellectually taxing, what with sorting through all the decisions regarding best angles, lighting, poses, accessories etc.

New Deck Photobomber-7
Better sign off now and tap a power nap. I need ALL the blood back in my head so I’m fresh for tomorrow’s shoot.

Love, Winston


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