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We were up with the birds today, so we took the camera along on our morning walk to see who was in da hood.


The poop factory was already up and attending to business. They’re a scrappy lot — just ask “Peg-leg” (third from the left).


Except for all the hootin’ and hollerin’ first thing in the morning around here, the resident aviary tends to be a pretty peaceful lot.


The thing is, there are a LOT of birds in da hood.


Some of them are pretty ordinary little things, nothin’ special, just on the look out for an ordinary breakfast beetle or two.


But don’t let their size fool you: some of them are super models with egos the size of Texas. They know their best angles, when to puff up and hold it, and where to sit so their fluffy little bottoms catch the best up-lighting from the rising sun, dahling.

Wait! Wait! Don’t you walk away with that camera yet! Check THIS out…


Ha? Wad-i-tell-ya? I’m so gorgeous, I make MYSELF green with envy!


On the other hand, some are not so pretty as they are fascinating, preferring wisdom over beauty. How can you look part pterodactyl and not be wise?

I don’t know if pelicans are intelligent, bird-wise speaking.

But even if pelicans are dumber than a sack of scrambled hammer handles…


… they always seem to get a good chuckle out of life.

But let’s let the crow have the last laugh. They love that.

* I’m using the “u” in honour of Canada currently being the Olympic “Host with the Most.” As the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, said regarding the games, “Go ahead and wave those flags! We’ll apologize for our immodesty later.”

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kate February 14, 2010 at 6:50 pm

love all these ocean photos… reminds me each time what a beautiful place you two live in! keep taking photos!
love kate


rickandkathy February 15, 2010 at 8:38 am

Thanks, Kate! Can’t wait for you to get here and see it first hand.


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