Stephen Colbert, Olympic Spoilsport

February 21, 2010 · 5 comments

Letter to the Editor:

We just want to watch the Olympics.

It’s bad enough to have to sit through NBC’s “Olympic Show” — replete with endless vignettes of downhill drama queens and Carrot Top look-alikes — to catch a precious few moments of world-class athletes competing in a politically neutral atmosphere.

Do we really have to endure the predictably insulting Stephen Colbert schtick now too?


Seriously, if I wanted to see Stephen Colbert do his thang I’d watch his show, which I don’t.

The ranting of a mock pundit gnawing on right-wing provocateurs like Bill O’Reilly is as enjoyable for me as watching Bill O’Reilly himself,  which I don’t.


Adding insult to injury is witnessing Bob Costas playing the straight man as Colbert jabs at Canadians as “iceholes” and “syrup-suckers.”

Bob Costas IS a straight man and isn’t just playing one on TV. It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing that “Bob Costas, comedy” doesn’t rank very high on a Google search .

And he’s already seriously pissing off plenty of folk with his day job.


I’m married to a Canadian, and I love my wife and her family very much. As Canadians, they’ll be the last to complain, at least beyond the kitchen table. So let me speak as the token American around said table.

In an environment literally running over with fabulous ambassadors of international goodwill, it is acutely embarrassing that NBC not only permits but actually pays Colbert and Costas to spoil the sports.

Anyone know where we can hire a live moose willing to ride them both out of town?


Shocked and Appalled

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Dad February 21, 2010 at 3:24 pm

There’s just too much good will & hiliarity going on here to let much remove the icing from the cake. Its so great to see Von visibly upset when one of her competitors appears to have had a bad fall. The International good will is heart warming. Thanks for your comments, Rick. Did you break your glasses?



Sandi Fentiman February 21, 2010 at 2:36 pm

I’m with you all the way, Rick and Kathy. And there are certainly a lot better comedians out there than Colbert; such as Tim Conway and Red Skelton. I think the Canadian satirist/comedian is right up there with Colbert. There’s not need to make fun of ANYBODY, whatever way it’s meant to come out.


Dad February 21, 2010 at 10:39 am

Never heard of Costas & Co., and now I hope I never do; nicely said Rick! We are enjoying the Olympics, dashing back and forth between three channels, each showing different events most of the time, and never a bad word about any nation or their athletes.


rickandkathy February 21, 2010 at 11:03 am

We have channel envy!


RandomJames February 21, 2010 at 10:35 am

Um, you two need to grow a sense of humor. It can be a pretty bleak world sometimeS and a talented comedian, satirist, singer, and dancer like Mr. Colbert really does make a positive difference.

Stephen Collbert has done more as a good will ambassador than you may think. His ‘insults’ of us Canadian (yes, I’m one too) “ice-holes” was all in jest, and he even appologised in person to a crowd of nearly ten thousand for a live taping of his show here in Vancouver; he’s actually got a lot of Canadian blood in his ancestry. His DNA was profiled on a PBS documentary.

Colbert also raised nearly $350,000 that allowed the us speed skating team to compete at the olympics after their sponsor, a Dutch bank, withdrew funding.

If you actually learn a bit more about the man you’d find he’s actually a scholar and a gentleman, with a huge set of balls! Have you nit seen his white house correspondents dinner speech? If not, I reccomend you do as it’s one of the gutsiest performances of all time.

And oh yeh, Bob Costas IS a jackass.


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