Surf Dancer

April 13, 2010 · 0 comments

I love the rapid fire capability in our Nikon D90.


For one thing, it sounds really cool–chuckshoock, chuckshoock, chuckshoock–and makes me feel like a real photographer, as opposed to just playing one on the beach.

But the bigger reason is that as storyscapers, we need all the visual nuances of a tale that are available to us. And there are certain “rapid shot” subjects that we’d miss if we didn’t have that option.


For instance, check out the child on the right and the dad.


They were no doubt engaged in deep and meaningful dialogue, but there wasn’t much of a physical nature going on there, other than maybe serving as a static cautionary tale about mismatched pant leg hem heights.

If it had just been those two, I could have easily used the click…wait… image review… wait… refocus, and… click of my Canon G10. It would still have been a cool shot, and I wouldn’t have missed anything.

(And I apologize in advance if you are now fixated on that single skinny ankle. You may have to go back to the top and start over by specifically focusing on the girls. Sorry.)


However, the completely airborne little bean on the left?


With prancers and poodles and princesses, if ya snooze, ya lose, baby.


There are some moves that are just too precious to miss…


… and moments of exultation that flash and are gone before you can blink.

Our dancer must have the metabolism of a super-caffeinated gerbil.


Maybe we were indirectly involved in what had unfolded. That little Nikon “chuckshoock” in the wind is sometimes all it takes to alert a budding star that someone’s watching.

See that glance over her shoulder?  It was, in fact, a question:

“Didja catch all that?”

I caught it, Sweetie.

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