HMB Brewery Dogs

Last Sunday at the Half Moon Bay Brewery, there were more dogs than children — and the dogs were better behaved.

They sat when it was requested of them, and aside from the occasional nose bump or delicate inquiry into a chum’s rectal health, seemed content to mind their own business and eat what was put in front of them without complaint.

Of course, some sport more heavy motivational bling than others. I saw a few parents of serious brats eye-balling that collar with a wistful gaze.

And yes, there was bling.

Marilyn Monroe (seriously: I asked) here had spent more time on her hair than I had.

And Cody Bryant (yup) had on a nicer shirt than me. Kinda embarrassing, actually…

Jake was just too hot in the full sun. Silly dog… wearing a fur like that to a brew pub. What was he thinking?

Negra knew better. She went with a lighter coat in a simple black and tan motif.


Shecky chose the understated yet classic dog tag…

… while all Holly needed was her big smile, can-do attitude, and excellent posture to show up fully dressed.

It was Griffin, though, who made me feel better about the whole “who combed whose hair before dining out?” one-upsmanship thing…

… and Bubba was a great reminder that fretting about one’s weight while simultaneously anticipating a good meal is just plain dumb.

I relaxed about my appearance, and we settled in with the other kids to visit until a table was free.

And as we waited, I found myself with a question that had never occurred to me before…

Do wiener dogs get nervous in a restaurant with a children’s menu?

8 thoughts on “HMB Brewery Dogs

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  2. Janie Bevens

    Kathy, I LOVE reading your website stuff! You always make me laugh or leave with a smile. This high tech stuff is marvelous since I get to learn more about my amazing friends this way! Thanks for sharing.

    Janie Bevens

  3. Sandi Fentiman

    Ahh, the dog days of summer! Sorry couldn’t resist that one. All the dogs look pretty well happy and well cared for. I believe Bubba is his right weight. Bulldogs are meant to be stocky. I think that’s why they’re called bulls; built like them, temperament to follow most likely at times.

  4. Colleen

    Love it! Beautiful pics and wonderful word pictures! And the last thought … well, suffice it to say, I have never thought of that before!!! lol

  5. Dad


    You deserve a “Best In Show” award for selecting these photos from the many great photos you took. Love your commentary as well. It was lots of fun being there with you and Rick.

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