Uh Oh…

October 2, 2010 · 5 comments

He’s smart.

He has a thing for car keys.

In truth, we collectively already have experience with an “early driver,” and while they lead to great war stories about just how tough it is to raise little ones… in real time? They’re kind of hair raising.

And deceptively sweet.

Who can blame a little pupper wupper for a minor nibble on the sole of a shoe?

Especially when they are so docile during the introduction of hygiene practices?

Yes, his posture is saying, “Yes, of course… Go right ahead. I understand. Ears need to be cleaned. I’ll just wait here until you’re done, then… pinned down between your knees… shall I?”

However, note the eyes, screaming, “ARE YOU FUDGING KIDDING ME??!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM??!!!!”

And this attitude is just one reason why we’ve been SO BUSY in the last couple of weeks. It was this, and the first draft of the book we need to have finished by Monday.

Questions come naturally to quick, growing learners.

For instance, check the head tilt, suggesting, “Shoes? What shoes? I only see Monkey, Mr. Rooster, and a pair of not-so-well-concealed-slippers…. and, well, yes… I suppose I notice a pair of red suede shoes… sorta….”

Of course, what I SMELL is an entirely different matter.

And who can smell an object to absolute certainty without verifying it via other channels?

Just a sec, please. I’m almost done my completely scientifically objective investigation.


Okay, I’ve got it. It was a red suede Dansko clog, last worn without socks for 10 hours in an under-ventilated corporate office.

Shall I check just once again to be sure?

Dang it. Red shoe gone. Only under-flavored nyla bone left in compensation.

We wants our red shoe back. Please.

And why do they keep looking at the size of my paws? They grow every morning, just like the rest of me.

Wha??? What’s wrong with these people? If I doubled in weight in the three weeks I’ve been here, what do they expect from my feet?!

Sheesh… You’d think they would have figured out the growth/skill acquisition rate earlier in the game, given that we’ve shifted from HER first person perspective to MY first person perspective in the course of one short blog posting.

Okay, let’s all just settle down and admit it: I’m going to be a BIG, SMART, CUTIE-PA-TOOTIE, CURLY HEADED PUNKIN’ DOGGIE FROM HERE FORWARD…

… and won’t that be FUN?!!!!!!

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Pamela October 4, 2010 at 6:09 pm

We also have dogs with discriminating tastes. Our experience with Nylabones is that they’re much more attractive after someone (me) smeared the deep crevices with almond butter from whole foods. It doesn’t take much almond butter, maybe a teaspoon to make a huge difference. Also, too much makes it likely to leave oily spots on the carpet or couch. We actually stated it as an outside only item until it was thouroughly licked and chewed to minimize the schmeer factor.
Our Nylabone was totally ignored until it got “the treatment” and now it’s a popular chewing option.


Sandi Fentiman October 2, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Yep, dogs definitely don’t like having their ears cleaned. Susan’s had to do Jasper’s ears and he hates it. Do you guys have Greenies down there? There are for the teeth; cleaning. They hard, come in different sizes. Cute guy, is her purebred?


Sue October 2, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Set up an account at Zappos and keep your password handy.
Nyla bone ? I say not!


Dina June 10, 2016 at 1:43 am

"à°®ుà°°ుà°•్à°•ాలవ à°®ీదనుంà°šి వచ్à°šే మలయ à°®ాà°°ుà°¤ం à°314¸్à°µాà°¦ి&#†074;à°š&#3à34;లనుà°•ుంà°Ÿ&#31°3; ……"హహహ్à°¹!!! à°¬ాà°—ుంà°¦ంà°¡ీ! à°•ాà°¨ీ మనం à°Žà°ª్à°ªుà°¡ు à°µ్యక్à°¤ి à°¸్à°µాà°¤ంà°¤్à°°ం à°¨ి à°—ౌà°°à°µింà°šà°¡ం à°¨ేà°°్à°šుà°•ుంà°Ÿాà°®ో? à°ˆ à°µిà°·à°¯ం à°²ోà°¨ె à°•ాà°¦ు in general gaa à°šెà°¬ుà°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ా.


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