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November 26, 2010 · 1 comment

Ten years ago, if you had asked me what I would be thankful for on November 25, 2010, I’m pretty sure I would not have answered — among many, many other actual answers — an old farmhouse in Idaho, a wee boy named “Noah,” and something called an “iPad.”

See? I don’t know everything.

Cartoon by Rick Jamison

We LOVE our iPads. Via keyboards that are built for actual adult human fingers, they connect us to our own brains, lives, world, libraries, calendars, data, work communities, families, and each other in ways that are difficult to describe.

Cartoon by Rick Jamison

So if you rip open an elegantly packaged electronic device on Christmas morning that purrs with ease-of-use as it welcomes you to the Borg, be happy. You just got the best new toy, ever.

Yet, in addition to my iPad and favorite 48 apps, there are a few things I am thankful for that Mr. Jobs has not introduced to my life.

Cartoon by Rick Jamison

Namely, Rick, Winnie, and something called “the Ocean.”

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Debra November 29, 2010 at 11:00 am

The beach so out weighs any electric or digital devices in our book!


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