December 4, 2010 · 3 comments

Note to our collective self: for a great kick-off to the holiday season, get graciously swooped into a robust Thanksgiving clan-a-thon with 45 or so Italian Americans.

The “abbondanza” of the table is just the beginning.

There are pockets of generations everywhere you look, swapping recipes…

… exchanging vital personal information…

… and imprinting on upcoming generations the very real possibility of life-long love affairs.

It was so wonderful to remember that dishes are prepared with warm anticipation in one kitchen, then wrapped in a towel, schlepped on a lap, and unswaddled without fuss in another kitchen as a conga line of squealing anklebiters fly by in a blur just under your elbow.


Nope, unless it’s having a great camera to chase them around with.

Not every offering at the table was personally squeezed in the produce section, washed, peeled, sauteed, spiced, spruced up, set to rest, and plated perfectly. Some bought and brought exquisite cheese, God bless them.

Others showed up with the fruit of their labor that had been several months, even years, in the preparation.

That wine, dear readers, was a gift. It was as though Nevi had thought last year, “I know! I’ll make an outstandingly full, warm yet clean, and European-style cabernet sauvignon with just the softest end note of cranberry. It will be great with Thanksgiving dinner next year.”

He would have been (was?) right.

Inside jokes…

A well planned menu…

The chance for everyone to help out…

The comfort of the “must haves”…

… and the celebration of the “Must Know”…

Another precious chance to laugh at the same old, wonderful stories…

… and the opportunity to get input on which to pile higher on what.

These are all part of the familial elixir fumes that are breathed in and stored up in the pulse of the memories of the generations.

But there is always room for something–

.. or someone–new at the table.

At least, that’s what one Thanksgiving celebration looked like this year.

We’re very grateful we got to share in it. Thank you, Nancy.

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Dushka December 11, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Fantastic! Love the photos.


Jackie Ann Patterson December 8, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Wow! Thanksgiving with the Renzullos … what a treat! Did you get to try the honey? Was there even any left?


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