The Treasures of Pelican Beach

Ever watch people at the beach sauntering along the wave line–occasionally bending over to pick up something out of the sand–and think, “What a waste of time!”?

Think again.

Or better yet, try it.

Let your eyes wander over the smallest details of that amazing place called “the beach,” and discover gems of glass, edges softened by the pounding surge.

With such a simple task assigned to your eyes, the rest of your body, mind, and spirit is free to simply soak in all the beauty and healing that can be absorbed there.

Plus, it makes for a great team sport.

It’s especially wonderful when you find exactly the right hunting grounds that are ripe with gems for the harvest, allowing you to get your fingers wet while not putting you in the line of fire for a class-A soaker in your new boots.

Actually, I got the soaker anyway about ten minutes later while taking this next shot.

That kind of thing can sneak up on you when you’re concentrating on aperture settings and composition.

Not all the treasures we find are cool shells, rocks, and glass bits that can be tucked in a pocket and taken home.

At first, Rick thought this was a sponge. At the size of a large tangerine, he didn’t expect it to be a HUGE ball of fish roe. We left it there, on the theory that the incoming tide might take it back out to sea and give those 1467 seedlings a shot at life. But trust me, the opportunity to take it home and conduct experiments with $1467 worth of generic-brand caviar was a grave temptation indeed.

Sometimes the free gift is an unexpected opportunity to strut your ability to fly in front of your new friends, MiniMe and MicroMe.

Winnie can be such a show-off.

Occasionally the prize is an exquisite pendant just waiting to be strung. This one even came with a pre-drilled hole.

Coming across a piece of brilliantly polished glass gleaming happily against the neutral tones of sand and gravel is almost as good for the constitution as an out-of-control belly laugh.

Rick and I aren’t the only ones who enjoy beach combing. Can you see what Winnie was keeping an eye out for?

As in all other things, the joy of discovery is in the eye of the beholder.

While he doesn’t display much enthusiasm for glass bits, he seemed delighted by his free hacky-sack.

We try to keep an open mind on what counts as “cool.” Anyone know what that stone might be?

All the baubles and sunlight and beauty aside, the very best part of walking the beach together is the together part and knowing that the gentle hand and guitar-calloused fingers holding out 10-minutes worth of poking around in the tidal pools belong to your best friend.

11 thoughts on “The Treasures of Pelican Beach

  1. Liv

    Hi Kathy,

    I loved this group of photos. Steve and I hunt
    for beach treasures all over the world…and every time
    we take a beach walk in front of our house. As you can imagine,
    we have mounds of it and are always trying to dream up
    ideas of what to do with it. In the end, we have to admit we just love
    the hunt.
    I’ve been enjoying this site and your art blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Liv

  2. Gayane

    Kathy, loved the story and the pictures!
    I have a collection from lake Sevan Beach. Though the stones are mostly in grey palette they are also nice. The idea of candel holder is very creative!!
    Thank you for bringing a beauty and love and wish you a very happy and amazing year ahead!

  3. Sandi Fentiman

    You gonna save enough of those beach treasures to re-tile a kitchen counter? It would certainly be a conversation piece. If you are asking about the white pendant; it looks like part of a sea shell that’s been polished. If you mean the orange rock in you candle dish; I would say it’s fossilized sediment and the orange pieces are granite. Love you candle arrangement by the way.

  4. Louise

    I love beach glass. I envy your piece with the hole all ready for you. I can tell you a great spot in Cadiz to get some…
    All this and and a flying poodle too.

  5. Zinc

    Beautiful and inspiring as usual…loved the Winne shot with Mini and Micro.
    Happy Birthday too…much love.

  6. Kathy P.


    btw, the site is looking SO great these days. I love the whirling carousel of perfect images just beneath the title bar. : )

  7. Irene

    Kathy and Rick,

    I LOVED this article and the beautiful photographs! Where is Pelican Beach? I also have my small collection of “ocean found gems” from Carmel and Cambria beaches that fill my mind with fantasies of lost treasures…a girl can dream, right?

    …and Happy Birthday, Kathy!


    1. rickandkathy Post author

      H Irene,

      Pelican Beach is on the north side of Half Moon Bay, just a five minute walk south of the Ritz Carlton. It is SO wonderful to have such a beautiful spot within walking distance of our house. And yes… a girl most certainly CAN dream!

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