If you simply must deliver corporate-ish work on a Saturday, it’s important to retain that laid-back weekend feeling in the backdrop. Otherwise, you find yourself on Monday morning in a gently bitter “where the hell did my weekend go?!” state of mind.

For instance, before sitting down to work, it’s important to make sure the dog has been walked, fed, watered, scratched, and has had his puppy psyche sufficiently oogie-boogied.

This is especially true for non-stop rainy days.

There are penalties to be paid for failure in this regard, if one can call an impromptu lap visitation by 65-pounds of bored puppy a “penalty.”

True… it does make managing paperwork and notes tricky.

Plus, for humans it’s fairly easy to be sucked into the canine mysteries of just what is going on out there, anyway? The distraction is intensified when the vigilant stare is accompanied by deep bass under-the-breath threats of warning and curiosity and bravado.

Things lead to things…

Did you know that an eight month-old puppy still retains a remarkable degree of spinal flexibility and can happily fold backwards into a complete keyboard neutralization pose? They should make this a yoga standard known as the “The Canine Collapse.”

The moment passed, unfortunately. I returned to my work, Rick put the camera down, and Winnie could be heard out of the corner of my ear munching happily on a bone.


Good thing that through the keyboard shenanigans, I was able to stay logged into the corporate network and send the work I eventually finished. Otherwise, it would have been a classic case of…

“… Sorry, Aart. The dog ate my homework.”

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  2. TOO TOOO TOOOO funny for words, been there as well but with an Old Eng Sheepdog and Lab pups. Wait, can they still be puppies at 3 and 5?????????? Yeah!

  3. Love this post! Winnie is adorable…I love how he thinks he can fit so snuggley on your lap…our son did that for years and now Syd. I’m sure it looks odd to see this tall girl balancing her weight on what now is a much smaller surface that it was when she was half that size or more! Maybe this is my que and permission to keep the weight I’ve gained…but does it really stay on the top of the legs???I think not, but the weight that I have gained in the arse area, does help to cushion her long limbs!

  4. Yes, dogs do demand your attention; especially trhough sighs of boredom, ” want to play” actions and “damn it, take me for a walk!” Agreed, kinda hard to work with an a body loaded with fuzzy dog. ;).

  5. I knew this must had been a good post…I could hear Suzie laughing from the next room. As the guardian of the million dollar dog, I can relate in all things chew and destroyed and Suzies compulsion for couch cuddling. Monday is just a bottle away!