Pink Moon in Paris

Please… if anyone knows where to apply for a parallel life, tell me.

I’ll pay, even for a partial extra day.

It’s just not possible to live it all and record even some of it, all in the same 24 hours.

Pink Moon-1A thousand moments crush in, with barely time to breath in the big ones before the next day dawns.

And the next, and the next, and the next…



7 thoughts on “Pink Moon in Paris

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  3. Pegi Chesney

    We just got back from there–go to L’ardoise for a meal. It is fabulous and also Laudree for macaroons–the very best. Love Paris esp. Montmartre section. Enjoy. We miss you in HMB..

  4. Sandi Fentiman

    I heard that there was going to be a pink moon and a lunar eclipse. But I guess i didn’t stay up long enough to see it. I just saw the regular full moon. There is such a thing as a red moon, but it’s VERY rare. it’s supposed to be a bad omen, if you are the superstitious kind.

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