Autumn Leaves, Winter Enters

October 21, 2013 · 1 comment

We don’t normally associate “autumn” with “neon,” but I think that’s just because we normally don’t.

Autumn Leaves-1
This is an error.

Autumn Leaves-2I see paintings for Rick to implement everywhere I look. This is way easier for me than it is for Rick, but I like to think I’m helping.

Autumn Leaves-3And in that perennial fit of wild autumn optimism that winter hat season will eventually give way to flirty summer sandal season, all manner of fall flora go to seed like friggin’ dandilions.

I am one with nature.


Autumn Leaves-4The only bugs left to feed the birds come armor-coated in sturdy fall haute couture.

Is it just me, or do photos of grasshoppers make anyone else think of chicken wings? I’m not saying I’m ready to pull out the Frank’s Hot Sauce and blue cheese dip or anything, but…

In Teton Valley, autumn leaves as winter enters.

Autumn Leaves-5Literally.

You can watch the snow roll down into the south end of our Valley in a not-so-subtle elbow jab for the aspens to hurry up and shake their colorful booties, already.

Autumn Leaves-6
The best part of three hours of hard yard work in the brisk autumn air and dappled sunshine is the thought of it.

The actuality of it? Well, nothing that a bit of ibuprofen and the number of a good pizza delivery service won’t cure.

It’s all good. The advent of winter means the opening of the season of snow-muffled peace, romantic blazing fires, candle-lit dinners with good friends around steaming bowls of hearty fare and warm bread, and the ability to focus on indoor creative pursuits…

Autumn Leaves-7… like french door nose art, for example.

Winston has big plans for his 2013-2014 winter gallery season, with a renewed enthusiasm for the simple yet dramatic vertical expression that represents the “classic” of the genre.

Prints soon to be available on (really).

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Kristie Pham October 21, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Wow, Kathy, you truly outdid your self with these photos. It’s like you live in a fantasyland.


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