Why Did Goldilocks Move?

Because she finally found a place to settle into that was just right.

Why Goldilocks Moved-1
After trying out a condo in Silicon Valley (too crowded), a renovated farmhouse in Teton Valley (too remote from any family), and a suburban home in Comox (too, um, suburban), she and her best friend, Rick, finally stumbled upon a humble beach house in a delightful oceanside community south of town, walked directly to the picture window overlooking a world-famous oyster farm, and sighed, “It’s Perfect.”

Why Goldilocks Moved-2
Oh sure… maybe it had some funky pink carpeting, higgledy-piggledy sized baseboards throughout, a shot septic system, leaking roofs, 40-year old doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and fixtures, an ancient hot-water heater, squishy basement flooring, poly-B plumbing, and Icky, the resident “sea kitty” in the attic, but all that was SO behind your field of vision when you looked out the windows!

Why Goldilocks Moved-3
Look at the view from the kitchen window!

Why Goldilocks Moved-4
And just LOOK at the view from the bedroom and back deck!!

We’ll take it, thank you.

Why Goldilocks Moved-5
Somehow, the papier-mâché dachshund we found in the hedge two days after we took possession sums up everything that needed to be said about the home itself.

It turns out that, despite the babbling-inducing vistas, “mid-70’s papier-mâché dachshund beach house funky” wasn’t going to be a perfect match for the rickandkathy chi.

So we did what we, apparently, always do.

Why Goldilocks Moved-6
The Royale Oui donned our construction glasses (safety first!), climbed on to the top rung of a step-stool (safety schmafety!), and started swinging our trusty sledge hammer at the offensive bits.

Why Goldilocks Moved-7
When sledge hammers weren’t quite brute force enough, we called in the Local Boys with their big toys.

Why Goldilocks Moved-8
I know! Let’s cut some holes in the exterior walls!

Why Goldilocks Moved-9
Excellent! In fact, that was SUCH a fun idea, let’s whack a hole bunch (yuk yuk) more on the INSIDE walls!

Why Goldilocks Moved-10 Why Goldilocks Moved-11
Ceilings? Bah! Off with their headers! Small windows? Make ’em bigger! Weirdly placed big windows? Make ’em smaller! And, ALONG THE WAY MAKE AS MUCH MESS AS YOU CAN!! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Why Goldilocks Moved-14

It was actually nice to be able to sit down now and again, even if it was to drive the midgy shovel-loader thingy. I sat on the driveway with a chilled adult beverage and cheered him on.

By this time, what with the demolition of his internal catwalks, the noise, Dave the Pest Guy, Rob the Tree Service Guy, and a few strategically placed industrial-strength rat bait traps, we were seriously disturbing the sea kitty, Icky.

Buh-bye, Mr. Icky Kitty…

Why Goldilocks Moved-13
In the past two months, we’ve done an entire house worth of two coats each of primer and top coat. Rick is a real artist with that roller.

Why Goldilocks Moved-15
And I’m not too shabby with the edgework.

Say, does this paint can make me look phat?

Why Goldilocks Moved-17
I love to watch Rick paint. Uh huh.

Why Goldilocks Moved-20
We’re not done yet on that front.

See the baseboard that wraps itself around every curve of every stair? Yup… it yells at me every time I go up and down those steps.

“Halloo!,” it hollers. “Remember me? You promised… You said!”

Shaddup, stairs. I’m busy.

Why Goldilocks Moved-21
In the middle of it all, we had to pack up and schlep all our stuff here from Comox Valley, Plan A.

Remember the PM dachshund from upstream here? In the same way, the image above pretty much sums up how much attention and energy we had leftover for organizing that lil’ shindig.

Needless to say, unpacking and sorting through the boxes and the “where does this go?” game on this end has been… interesting.

Why Goldilocks Moved-22
But we did it.

We’re in, the boxes are finally gone, and we manage to find the odd hour here and there to just sit and enjoy what drew us here in the first place.

Why Goldilocks Moved-1
I feel a real affinity for our new neighbors these days.

Yes, in part it’s the whole “stay calm on the surface and paddle like hell below” thing, but mostly it’s just because they look so at home on the water.

30 thoughts on “Why Did Goldilocks Move?

  1. Jane Lever

    All is simply awesome: your home, your life, your love, your creative energy and well; just you two! xoxo

  2. Kate

    just beautiful! how delightful is it to feel settled? congratulations on this new home – can’t wait to see it!

  3. Carol

    Absolutely love that view! What an incredible place! Wishing you lots of happiness there!!!

    1. rickandkathy

      Zincy Boy… The only thing that could possibly make this spot any better is you and Sue hanging out with us on the porch watching the tides.

  4. Kathy P.

    Absolutely marvelous! What fun, what a great project, what success! Congratulations Kathy & Rick!!

  5. Beverly Henry

    It looks perfect! Congratulations & enjoy! You are living in our second favorite place!

    1. Rick

      Hi Beverly! Still a happy smile from the day with you and Gary in Twain Harte, which seemed like such a far journey in those days. But the world just keeps getting smaller, right? So… what’s your first favorite place?

    1. Rick

      Hey George! Sure miss pickin’ with you as well. Always the best of times.
      Wonderful job on Brother Billy — sweet recording and oh so poignantly written. “Do you ever think about the old times? Do I ever cross your mind?” For me the answer is yes and yes.

  6. Jane Fentiman

    I can’t believe how much you two have accomplished since last Apr. Your new home is totally “you”. I think you have landed where you need to be. You both deserve the happiness you have made, saying found simplifies the whole effort too much. It took a lot of hard work, tons of love & respect for each other, vision & wonderful taste.

  7. Nancy R

    There must be a million ways to prepare oysters. Enjoy the every day of your lives as much as we do (reading about it). Xo

  8. Sandi Fentiman

    You guys did a great job making the place your own. Now all you need is to hear and/or see a common Loon; which isn’t all that often. I think Vancouver Island might be a “rest stop” on the way to their actual destination. I saw and heard them at one of the beaches mom/dad and I went to a while back. Haven’t seen/heard them since. I think I may Google Loon destinations.

  9. Colleen

    Wow…so that’s what you’ve been up to that pre-empted blog writing! lol Love it!! Enjoy to the max!!!! Looks delightful and wonderful and totally fantastic!!!

  10. Dad

    I’d say you two likewise “look so at home” by the water and that you indeed found the “Perfect” place to settle into. I’m so glad I’ve already had the opportunity to visit and see first-hand the fabulous home you have made for yourself and the effort that went into it. Love, Dad J

    1. Rick

      Spectacular view aside, it’s the love, laughter, and spirit of those who share it with us that make the home fabulous. We’re so happy you were the first to enjoy the guest quarters!

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