Rick and Kathy Play Games

January 17, 2016 · 2 comments

Rick and I like to make up games.

It happens spontaneously when one of us does or says something, and then the other one makes a play on it, and… let the games begin!

The Snapshot Game-1

We were sitting on our little cliff deck when the cormorants decided it was time to air out their collective pits. There was only space for one pair of outstretched wings on the buoy, so there was some vigorous feather wrestling over how many minutes constitutes a “proper turn,” and who was up next.

“Quick! Get the camera!”

We passed our beloved Nikon D1500 back and forth, trying different angles, focal lengths, and compositions. Once the birds took off in search of a more spacious perch, our attention wandered to what else might be interesting through the lens without getting our butts out of our really comfy Adirondacks.

Quite a bit, apparently.

The Snapshot Game-2

“Hey! Wanna try shooting the same thing, and see what happens?”

The Snapshot Game-3We often see the same thing through quite different creative perspectives.

It’s a huge positive in our relationship: we double our fun when we get to enjoy the other guy’s experience of beauty and life, in addition to our own.

The Snapshot Game-4It’s like the “find the animal in the clouds” game. The first fun is finding the seahorse all on your own. The second fun is the challenge of finding the right words to guide the other guy into seeing it, too.

All I could see was the question mark, asking where the seahorse was.

The Snapshot Game-6The game taught us anew that clouds don’t have a monopoly on having worlds hidden in their textures.

Frankly, this was a bit freaky once Rick pointed out the gnarly old man staring at us from the bark.

The Snapshot Game-7In the warm afternoon sun, we found ourselves composing around the pools of golden light that dappled our lightly wooded shoreline.

Is “dappled” a verb? Yes.

The Snapshot Game-8
It was camera therapy, with a buddy.

Life tip: when stressed, go zen behind the lens with a friend.

The Snapshot Game-9Shadow play was fun…

The Snapshot Game-10… as was playing upside-down.

And no, we did not experience any nasty surprises via large perching birds with an excellent sense of timing.

The Snapshot Game-11Taking time to let your focus drift to things just beneath the surface is a wonderful tonic.

The Snapshot Game-13
Just ask Winston.

P.S. There’s another fun rickandkathy.com made up game coming your way shortly! Stay tuned for WWF_WTF (Words With Friends_Written by Two Friends).

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Kristie Pham January 18, 2016 at 1:03 pm

You two rule.


Nancy January 18, 2016 at 11:55 am

Love this. Love you(se).


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