The Gift

Brace yourself: this post contains another parcel by mail, more shots of the damn dog, some very old news, and the extraordinary and entirely unexpected gift of healing and hope from someone I didn't even know. This could get weird for some of you before it gets better. To set some context, … Continue reading

The Whole Is Greater

We should have named him "Gestalt," for his whole is definitely greater than the sum of his parts. Don't get us wrong: the whole of his parts is pretty great, even if he does sit like a splay-legged kangaroo on his guard perch (aka. the southeast window). And at a lanky 75 pounds, … Continue reading

Noah and Winston

See how adorable I am? Peaceful... calm... patient? Look at me... the jumbo lamby-kins on the right. I have that lovely Doris Day vaseline-on-the-lens glow, don't I? Ignore the little dude with the four teeth and fresh green apple. Yeah, okay... he IS a hunky punkin. Waddever. His … Continue reading