Keying In At The Steamboat Art Museum


The whole iMovie process would have been much easier if I could think like an apple. On the plus side, I slammed through almost every tutorial video they have available, and I’m getting there… tiny bites.

But enough about me: let’s talk about what I thought of the opening weekend of Scott’s 5-month exhibit at the Steamboat Art Museum.

It was just delightful. We met so many interesting, warm and engaging people.

During the demo, the notepads were out in full force. At one point, Wynn (my new favorite bartender), came and parked himself at the front on the floor to get a better look at what was Scott was up to.

Here’s a bit of what Scott had to say:

The lighting was challenging, and at just over 2 minutes, this is pretty short, but I think you’ll agree that it contains about fifteen years worth of insight, once properly digested.

And now that I’m finding my video groove again, I remember how much fun it can be, so brace yourself, Mr. Youtube: I’ve got some bandwidth burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m gonna use it. We have the first 10-day Intensive Workshop of the summer starting on Thursday (can’t wait to get to meet some of you in person!), so there will be plenty of great fodder available for the shooting in the next couple of weeks.

BTW, are there any topics in particular you’d like to hear from Scott on? Or should I just sit on the north porch with our Nikon D90 on Fridays and wait for him to wander down the driveway with the garbage bins?

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