A Day To Remember

September 11, 2016
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I wonder if buildings and the ground they stand on hold the essences of where their materials have come from, or what they’ve collectively become, or the memories that are created within them?

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New Deck Photobomber

July 4, 2016
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I believe that more Model Artists fail to get that critical last 10% by giving up on the potential of a shot, one shot too soon. You just can never tell when the money shot will magically appear.

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Nori Sushi Nanaimo Restaurant Review

April 17, 2016
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At first, I was just taken with the delicate (and delicious!) flash-fried lotus root chips, and how much I was looking forward to the slightly salty “pop!” each one of those red and black flying fish roe would make in my mouth. Why, I wondered, did James use two different colored roe?

Then I looked again and saw the dragon, with its mouth open wide and its lotus-root wings furled out at the base of its long neck.

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Indian Temple Festival

March 4, 2016
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Some parade (and life) moments can take your breath away when you least expect it, for reasons you didn’t see coming.

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India Jet Lag Cure

February 14, 2016
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Note to prospective traveling grannies: 30 hours of travel, plus a 13.5 hour time difference, plus the chaotic pace of Bangalore, multiplied by highly active two- and five-year old sleep needs = a serious need for a Jet Lag Plan.

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Rick and Kathy Play Games

January 17, 2016
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P.S. There’s another fun rickandkathy.com made up game coming your way shortly! Stay tuned for WWF_WTF (Words With Friends_Written by Two Friends).

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“Brooklyn” Movie Review

December 19, 2015
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“Brooklyn” is an oasis of beautiful visual craft and story telling I had forgotten was even possible in a movie. Based on the novel “Brooklyn” by Irish novelist, Colm Tóibín, it’s a quiet movie of immense moments, of the ordinary human experience of leaving home, the loss of “normal,” and finding your way forward through discovering that you can’t go back.

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