How You Made Them Feel

We don’t normally re-post these self-helpy memes, but…


When you’re tempted to mentally pre-script a work conversation, or imagine advantageous stage directions for an important first date, or envision yourself forcing SUCCESS! into those first scattered, shaky moments at the podium, maybe lean on this instead:

“When that moment comes, I will stay open and present. I will let Love be through me. I will listen inside, and I will be a listener with actual ears.

I don’t need to know how this will work ahead of time, which means I can safely get back to not burning the hotdog buns under the broiler, Now.”

And they will feel loved.

2 thoughts on “How You Made Them Feel

  1. Louise

    May all your hot dog buns be gently toasted brown and not dark as the mascara brush that assaulted your eye.
    You’ve always left a good feeling; cheered, refreshed, amused, uplifted, thoughts-provoked, compassionated (new word variant), inspired and more

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