Yet Spring Persists

I was out picking up some of the larger sticks and boughs that had fallen into our yard lately. (Don’t worry, I left all the mulchy smaller stuff for the bees.)

I didn’t expect pink.

I’m not a very good “expressive” gardener, but I like to think I’m a decent “receptive” one.

As long as they show up on their own and agree that I’m not liable for preservation or maintenance of life, I agree to be a grateful audience to their beauty and grace.

There was also purple.

And more purple.

And then I forgot about the sticks.

It’s funny what you see when you suddenly wake up to where you are.

Plus smells. And sounds.

The black thing out there was one of several sea lions drafting by, flipper in the air in salute and barking a cheery “Hello! Hang in there!”

I don’t believe that herbs capable of overwintering and thriving on their own can be considered “gardening.”

Same with voluntary food. (Chives are a kind of  onion, right? Or maybe they’re technically aromatic grass? Either way, in my world they count as a vegetable, hence, a voluntary food. I rest my case.)

Honestly, I did try to get back to the sticks, but then…

Itty bitty BOOM!

I gave up and went for a walk in the woods with the dog.

Thank God for pink and sea lions and dogs and woods and light.

And you.

We are stronger together.

Stay well.



3 thoughts on “Yet Spring Persists

  1. Teresa Cowan

    What a wonderful morning you had, and thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Teresa

  2. Kathy

    Ahhh, sweet Kath! Things are lovely & calm in Montana, too — but any open flower buds are still a ways away. . .

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