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Rick just cracks himself up with his cartoons.

Kathy cracks herself up with whatever is at hand.

It really doesn’t take much to make us chuckle.

Of course, not everything is funny.

Like when no one ever writes or calls.

Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. Lonely, but fine.

Contact us anytime by leaving a message
here in Comments:

44 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Barbara Jones

    You did a wonderful story about my son & wife. Rick & Dana Sordahl
    Is there any chance I could get a copy of this as my whole kitchen is devoted to chefs
    Think it was 2011
    Proud Mom
    Barbara Jones
    Las Vegas nv

  2. Amy Morris

    Hey you two! Amy here from Assaggio! Such a pleasure to meet you both! I’ve subscribed to your blog, and wish you both the best! I’m on FB, but beware I’m very liberal. Somehow I don’t that will scare you. Let’s keep in touch! And if you ever have wine questions,,,,
    All the best! It was wonderful to meet you.

  3. Lena

    I am making a turkey in a Reynolds oven bag tomorrow.. but, since I have to go to work at 630 a.m. can I get it ready and put it in the bag tonight and put in oven in the morning?

  4. greg wood

    just found your site,great article on oysters! rowans book is incredible.he wrote another one and he visited our farm for inspiration and photos for his second oyster book which i have yet to read.

    great meeting you two


  5. lee

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    So nice to meet you on the beach today. Enjoyed your blog. If Kathy has a few pics that she would like to share for us to use on our new website we would love to include them.
    Have a safe trip home and hope to see you again at VP.


  6. Cris

    Good day!
    This is Cris a representative of Etekcity, Etekcity is an internet-based retailer/wholesaler serving a large customer base in home improvement, kitchen gadgets, and outdoor equipment. We provide quality products accompanied with quality customer support and care.

    I have looked through your website and I love the content you put out, it’s entertaining and informative. I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in doing a review of our bathroom scale. If you are willing to do this, we would love to send you a product sample for review. And here’s our amazon link:

    We thank you for your time and look forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,


  7. Joanne Welch

    The last time you did a product review on Slow Cookers/Crock Pots was in 2014. When will you update that review. I am in the market for one and would like your recommendations. Thank you so very much.
    Joanne Welch
    September 8, 2016

  8. David Crum

    Rick and Kathy,
    Would you let me post a picture from your blog on my FB page, I’d be happy to post a link as well. I’d like to use the one from your cell phone blog in 2009.

    Thank you,

    1. kathy

      Hi David,

      Sorry for the lag in response: little issue of WordPress sending all our comments to our junk folder!

      Yes, please feel free to post the picture as long as you also supply the link.

      Cheers, Kathy

  9. Bob

    I see you recommend Kitchen Aid slow cooker. Then I go to Amazon and see
    many complaints re cracks in insert?

  10. Grover

    I stumbled on your reviews of food savers and found your music. What fun! Thanks for living great lives and sharing them with us!

  11. Lisa Chapman

    Hi Rick and Kathy
    Thanks for a wonderful blog. Really pleasurable to read and packed with great info! 🙂

    Have you thought about writing a piece on:
    • Most accurate scales 2016?
    • Simple, step-on body weight scales?
    • Scales that Boomers love?

    Have you seen this great new – totally new – bathroom scale that just arrived on Amazon?

    The MOST ACCURATE bathroom scale I’ve found is by far the AccuPoint, a digital body weight scale by PointLine Global. Introduced on Amazon in 2016. And designers love it. See the picture here: (short link). Because it’s so simple, it’s only job is to tell you your weight. Just like when I was a kid.

    It’s always accurate. Always. Very high quality and really reasonable price.

    I would be happy to send you a coupon code for FULL PRICE discount on a purchase.

  12. Patrick

    Hi Kathy,
    Regarding the beautiful table runner you purchased yesterday.
    As per your request, I contacted Chilewich. Here is the answer I received back from their sales rep this morning.
    “Yes, it is possible with a very sharp knife, BUT, any warranty would be forfeited in case in frays, unravels…”

    I can understand this answer as some people might botch the actual cutting. So, anyway I hope this helps.

    What’s Cooking
    Qualicum Beach

  13. Jackie Patterson

    Hi Rick and Kathy-
    I wonder if you have any thoughts on snowblowers? Or is your current climate warm enough to forget such things?
    I am moving into the snow country of Tahoe and see an opportunity to collect power tools 🙂

    1. kathy

      Hi Jackie!

      Congratulations on your impending move to beautiful Tahoe! We are blissfully not in need of such items these days, and if such a need should arise (mid-Vancouver Island does get shovel-worthy snow at sea level on rare occasions), we will call the local dude with the nice big truck and blade!

  14. Tiffany Clough

    Hi Rick and Kathy. Hope you are doing well today! I wanted to talk to you about your review section of your site. Could you please contact me?

    Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

  15. Lee

    Appears that your 10/15/2015 article “Vacuum Sealer: Cooks Illustrated vs Amazon” is down. Mind checking it to see the issue? Am curious to read it. Thanks.

  16. Marianne

    So I was grumbling to myself again, while making my breakfast this morning, about not being able to turn over my eggs or omelettes well with the one of many too small spatulas we have. Checked out Amazon, wanted to know what exoglass glass was, and “wa-lah”, found your site. I love it! And I can’t tell how active you are in writing these days, but it seems there is lots of fun, interesting information for me to explore anyway. Just signed up for your newsletter in. Look forward to reading it.

    1. kathy

      Marianne, thanks so much for the kind words! I’m delinquent in posting by an embarrassing lag, but upcoming posts will reveal what we’ve been up to instead (move and major renovation comes to mind). Thanks for the encouragement!

  17. Terry Ainsworth

    Hi Kathy (and Rick). I tried your Boston Beans recipe but with a couple of substitutions. I kept the name, used navy beans and a crock pot. I didn’t know what 1 pound of beans was in cups so I used 3 cups. We were making onion rings so I substituted the 2 medium onions with the rejected rings. We had molasses but not the right kind. I possibly substitued 1/3 cup of maple syrup with a dark unlabelled syrup like substance I found in the fridge. One 14.5 oz. can of crushed totatoes changed to 28 oz of canned tomatoes parts that I found in the cupboard. I substitued smoked paprika with a redish powder (definitely not paprika) that Louise had in the spice drawer (Possibly a mistake). Dried mustard is for rich folks so I used some squeeze hotdog mustard left over from the summer BBQ season (5 squirts). WE had ketchup but not any kind I have ever encountered before, so I only used twice your suggestion portion. I don’t know what cayenne is so I left that out and I totally forgot the soya sauce. We didn’t have cider vinegar so I left that out too. If we had any rum in the house I wasn’t wasting it on beans, so that didn’t make it in either. To make up for what was missed I doubled the amount of salt and pepper.
    I started the soaking of the beans at 2:00 pm and drained them and brought them to a 5 minute boil at 8:15 during the first intermission of the hockey game. I put everything into the crock pot for 10 hours. When I checked on them 12 hours later they had dried a bit on the top so I added 1/2 jar of tomato spagetti sauce I found on the counter near the recycle stuff that had an expiry date of 2 weeks ago. I also added 2 cups of water and stirred. I set the timer for 4 more hours.
    Remember, if you make safety your first concern you have automatically pushed fun into second place.

    1. Louise

      We have dry mustard, labeled even! Don’t know what the red powder was. Terry’s unescorted foray into the kitchen may be repeated. After all we eat experiments here all the time.

    2. kathy

      Terry, I just found this comment and laughed so hard I splurted my coffee. Will you please make everything we’ve talked about and let us know how it goes?

  18. Barbara Jones

    Was such a pleasure to meet both of you at the wedding. I had read some of your writings and I just knew that in person you would be so interesting and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks to both of you for all you do.
    But I do have a question for Rick, how hard is it to set up a blog page, as I get older I find I have things to say and don’t seem to write them down, but I do use my computer often, probably more than I should. Should be out enjoying our sunshine
    Blessings from AZ (Rick’s Mom)

  19. Isabel Waddell

    I crack me up, too! It was so lovely and serendipitous to meet you today, Kathy! I have already told a woman from Ireland about the Accidental Speaker and encouraged her to start blogging. She is an Irish Shaman. Interestingly, she has a lot to say and is not sure how to say it! Please send me a contact for the Accidental Speaker. Looking forward to being…….


    1. Kathy

      The pleasure was mine, Isabel! How interesting that you’ve met an Irish Shaman. I didn’t even know there was a market for Irish Shamans! (Somehow that doesn’t look right. I’m not sure what the plural for “shaman” is….)
      The Accidental Speaker is currently a work-in-progress, but we’re moving in that direction. Meanwhile, our “corporate” website is, and we’ll be posting the Accidental Speaker info there when it’s ready.
      We’ll be in touch!
      Cheers, Kathy

  20. michele brown

    Hi Kathy,

    My husband (Jeff) and I are good friends of Keith and Sues and knew Rick a while back (has been to our house here in Grass Valley way back when).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your photo’s, the food, candles, fall pictures, all make me feel very warm and cozy. You have a real gift!

    Sue said you went to Korbel last weekend, and had great champagne. How fun.

    Say hi to Rick from Jeff and Michele……and hope to meet you one day.

    1. Kathy

      How lovely to find you here. My apologies for not seeing your comment come in way back in September. No excuse comes readily to mind, but can we agree I was busy? 🙂
      Thanks so much for your kind words. Rick and I have such fun with this site, and with each other! Keith and Sue are also a hoot to hang with. I’ll look forward to meeting you and Jeff sometime… soon!
      Ciao, Kathy


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  21. Pam and Reilly

    Thanks for turning a beautiful evening in Victor to a wonderful memory. Great conversation, wonderful new friends and sweet melodies as we rocked along in time. We are delighted to have you as neighbors and I hope we’ll be able to spend many more evenings together in the upcoming years! Here’s to getting here permanently as fast as we can!

  22. Pamela

    Hi Kathy,
    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a delightful birthday and that Rick and your darling pup are having a fabulous 2011!
    Your photos and comments bring chuckles. I particularly liked the me, mini-me and micro-me photo. Was this planned to get matching dogs or just coincidence?


  23. Rolfe

    So it’s like this. I subscribed via email but I haven’t received any email updates for a new blog. What’s up with that? Don’t you love me anymore? If I didn’t follow you via Twitter I would never ever ever ever know you had posted a new blog, and then you would never get my brilliant comments. How would you like that? I bet you wouldn’t. So if you’re lonely, it’s your own fault. Or your web designer’s fault. Yeah, let’s blame them! Have a glass of wine and send ‘em an email. Works for me.

  24. Pegi Chesney

    Hi Kathy and Rick,
    I met you this afternoon when I was knocking on doors asking for Relay For Life donations. Well I went on your website and love it and you guys are exceptionally talented. Listened to some of your msuic Rick and it was great. Anyways, don’t know if you have heard of AM1710 neighborhood radio. Its a local Coastside station just getting off the ground. Jim Henderson ( our neighbor in Canada Cove and a former radio DJ several years ago)is looking for local talent and I am sure would love to interview you two. If you are interested please contact him at and the phone number is 650-453-4000. He is a really good guy, very pleasant and easy to talk to and would enjoy meeting you I am sure.
    If yo have any questions, you can call us. Pegi and John Chesney
    650-560-0088. My husband is actually a staff reporter helping Jim get this station off the ground.
    Very nice meeting you both..

  25. Tammy at The Butterfly Mind

    So it’s like this. I subscribed via email but I haven’t received any email updates for a new blog. What’s up with that? Don’t you love me anymore? If I didn’t follow you via Twitter I would never ever ever ever know you had posted a new blog, and then you would never get my brilliant comments. How would you like that? I bet you wouldn’t. So if you’re lonely, it’s your own fault. Or your web designer’s fault. Yeah, let’s blame them! Have a glass of wine and send ’em an email. Works for me.


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