Original Music, by Us

Rick has produced and recorded three CDs featuring his original music.

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The Magic Hour
One full hour of all-original music performed by an all-star band

Open Spaces
Rick’s First CD… Mostly Instrumental Originals… Some Say It’s Still Their Favorite


Tales from the Canyon
12 Bluegrass Originals, One Memorable Band: Rick Jamison & Copper Canyon

Silent Angels

© 2009, Rick Jamison and Kathy Schmidt

Hope in a blanket
Tiny in pink
Coos and blows bubbles
Maybe she’ll sing, someday
She’s our angel

Just hold the moment
Stars in her eyes
Shine with a promise
Limitless skies, today
Little angel


Change happens slowly
Unless, it never comes at all
When was the moment
The promise of her star began to fall

Don’t see it coming
Hope clouds the view
Suddenly helpless
What can we do? We pray
For our angel

Reaching for answers
The future is near
While we are searching
I’ll sing for you, my dear
Silent angel


One thought on “Original Music, by Us

  1. Cousin Susan

    Hey Kathy! Amazing what a person stumbles on while wasting time on the net…. Anyway, interesting, newsy and fun site you have created. Nice to ‘meet’ your Rick and so very glad to see you happy and well. Drop me note some time. Life in Alberta continues to suit us (well, three of the seasons anyway). Kids and Tom are great. Had a nice visit with Sandi in July. Take care and keep similing!


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