Woman Cave, Montana Style

My editorial sense dictates that using the word “idyllic” in this first sentence would be cliché, except for the presence of the deer.

girl cave-14

But in addition to the over-flowing buckets of sweet geraniums, yellow wicker chair and matching door frame of the front porch, there was a young deer that greeted us as we approached.

There was also a glorious peahen.

Who had adopted the sweetest little fluff ball of a baby Canadian gosling.

So let me start again.

This is Carol Sue’s idyllic Bitter Root Valley woman cave she created for herself and her card-game and book club gal pals.

We visited her with our friend (and Carol Sue’s sister) Kathy last August. The sweet wee cabin lives behind the house and uphill from the apple orchard Carol Sue shares with her husband and three dogs.

Now that you know she’s the creator and owner of such a space, I have a question for you. And no peeking before you answer, okay?

What color blouse is Carol Sue wearing in the following photo?

girl cave-4

This isn’t Carol Sue.

It’s one of hundreds of feminine touches sprinkled throughout the cabin that Carol Sue has pulled together from garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores.

But I wanted you to have a chance to decide on your answer before showing you the photo of Carol Sue.

girl cave-10

This is Carol Sue.

And of course her blouse is pink.

The moment this little cabin understood it was not going to be a garden shed after all but rather was going to be transformed into a girlie haven, it started to ooze estrogen.

I wanted to lick the walls.

girl cave-5

I could spend three weeks just gazing out of the immaculately clean windows, open to the hilltop breeze that waved the gauzy perfect curtains in a salute to all things female.

girl cave-3

This is Carol Sue’s dog, trained to welcome on command.

I’d like to direct your attention to her original “recliner” arm chair. Feel the need for a more relaxed incline for your behind?

girl cave-2

Prop your feet up on the matching ottoman and push backwards. The whole chair tips back, but instead of planting the back of your head into the wall behind you, the chair lands gently on the wooden support mounted along the bottom back edge.

It’s a trick chair for women: pain-free trick, big treat.

girl cave-1

The pink camouflage scoped rifle is a nice touch, don’t you think?

Don’t worry… Carol Sue obviously adores the critters on her property, so I think Bambi and the birds out front are safe.

girl cave-7

My windows aren’t this clean right after I’ve cleaned them.

Okay, Rick does our windows, but sometimes I help by irreparably smudging and streaking the insides while he actually cleans the outsides.

girl cave-11

I’m a sucker for anything that’s white and red enamel, especially if it’s propped up on a simple white-washed stool, just because.

girl cave-6

I SO coveted her Underwood. I considered shoving it under my T-shirt and hoping she wouldn’t notice, but then I remembered the gun.

girl cave-8

Inspired touches live in literally every corner…

girl cave-9

… and on every shelf.

I’m also fond of chicken wire, although I’ve never thought to use it to face a cabinet.

girl cave-15-1

Even “La Toilette” out back is pristine and lovely.

girl cave-12

And handy for when the beer kicks in.

I want a woman cabin.

girl cave-13

Heck, I’d settle for just the hammock and the outhouse.

6 thoughts on “Woman Cave, Montana Style

  1. Gene Bach

    That is awesome. OK, I’ll admit, my favorite parts of that are the gun on the wall and the outhouse, but over-all that place is awesome! I’d love to be able to build a place like that for my wife.

    1. Rick

      Gene, the Bitterroot Valley rivals Teton Valley in so many ways… a flyfishing paradise in either case. I’ve got a feeling there’s a good building project ahead for you, just as you imagine.

  2. Debra

    Beautiful post…and you’re so fortunate to be able to enjoy this “girly” place with your friends.

  3. Sandi Fentiman

    great photos and interesting items around the cabin, but way too much pink!!
    Hope her husband has a man cave–only fair.

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