On The Road to Mavericks

February 13, 2010 · 2 comments

Mavericks Surf Contest took place today.

Mavericks is a world-renowned big wave break located one-half mile off the coast of Half Moon Bay. With waves cresting as high as 50 feet, ridiculously strong currents, dangerous rocks, shallow reefs, and bone-chilling water, Mavericks is legendary.


This isn’t Mavericks. It’s the little beach at the end of our road, but it was impressive enough. What would Mavericks be like?

The contest offers a $150,000 purse, making it the most lucrative big-wave contest in the world. The contest is not held every year and is called only when conditions are prime. Conditions were prime today.

There’s a bike path that goes from our back door to Pillar Point, so we took it. The Coastal Trail seemed like the perfect way to avoid traffic, breathe some fresh air, and get a front row seat to watch “The Men Who Ride Mountains.”


Frankly, the landmark golf ball at Pillar Point looked a LONG way off at the beginning of the trek. The spirit was willing, but I wasn’t sure my butt was up for the distance. Mavericks beach is on the OTHER side of the golf ball.


However, the pristine path was so beautiful…


… and the roar of the huge waves so invigorating along the bluffs, I just called on my own Olympic muse and decided I would ride through any discomfort. Besides, nothing was hurting yet.


Aside from weaving through insanely disorganized gaggles of oblivious pedestrians (stay tuned for another rant on this topic in the near future) and steaming horse poopy…


… the ride was incredible.


In true Northern California fashion, the scenery was simply stunning at every turn.


Truly. Stunning.


We made it as far as the harbor, where we overheard multiple conversations about how no one was being allowed around Pillar Point due to dangerous conditions. As in, people, dogs, speakers, leader boards, etc. being washed into the surf.


Still, while we didn’t actually see THE surf competition, we saw some pretty spectacular moves.

We also saw some spectacular other stuff, but those photos will have to wait for another day.

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Sandi Fentiman February 14, 2010 at 8:23 am

Sounds like those high waves were getting a bit on the tsunami side of wave heights. I think those people who thought they needed the “best front row seats possible;” if they got them out, will think twice about getting so close. Use binoculars or a zoom lens of a camera instead.

Nice pictures though, brings us into the “action”.


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