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The first 13 posts listed here were originally published on Scott Christensen’s workshop website. Going forward, we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation here! Already in the pipeline (or at least, ideas I find myself thinking about in the shower):

  • “The art of storytelling with images”, or “What Thomas Kincaid is REALLY selling.” (“Storyselling?” Ha! You heard it here first!)
  • “Why you can’t judge a painting by a catalog.” I’m also thinking of calling it “Why aspiring artists should spend half their summer vacations in air-conditioned museums of world-class realism paintings, and the other half sweating and swatting bugs as they paint plein air,” but that seems a little chewy for most search engines to manage well.
  • Why is great plein air painting even more important in the world right now than it used to be?” (Hint: Think “Charlie Russell and Thomas Moran,” “wind turbines,” “the creeping disregard for beauty,” and “stimulus-driven development of previously pristine green space.”) Oooh… I feel a really good rant building up steam behind that one!

Anyway, that’s where my thinking on this theme is heading right now. I’ll get to it as soon as I can peel myself away from babies, puppies, and newly laid sod on which to play with both.

Welcome to the Flow!

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